Meal Plan 1/24 - 1/30

Below is an outline of our weekly meal plan. For reference we are a family of five - 2 adults, 3 kids aged 6,3 and 9 months who is eating solids. I am currently doing my grocery shopping on Thursdays so most of our meal plans will run from Thursday to Tuesday. Wednesday nights will be a leftover night to reduce any food waste.

As these posts are shaped I’ll be adding grocery information and recipes. Also our breakfast and lunch strategies as well.

While I love to cook, I keep things simple. I do try to meal prep, or really ingredient prep, as much as I can to make weeknights easier. Simplicity also helps keep the tiny, opinionated, humans I am feeding happier.

After all of that, here is our first posted meal plan!

Thursday - Pizza out at a school function

Friday - Rotisserie Chicken and chopped veggie “snack plates”

Saturday - Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese and broccoli (I was out for the evening)

Sunday - Baked asian chicken with rice and broccoli

Monday- Roasted beef eye round, roasted butternut squash and green beans

Tuesday - Greek chicken and potatoes, with roasted brussels sprouts

Wednesday - Leftovers

Here’s to a good week!


Seems as good as a day as any to finally start the blog I have been thinking about for the last 2-7 years give or take.

 Welcome to anyone reading – this blog will probably take on a few iterations before settling on a final theme/content plan.

This seems fitting because being a little all over the place basically sums up my personality.  I am born in the Taurus Gemini cusp but definitely fall firmly in the Taurus side of the universe.  I am very opinionated but super emotional - hoping I have tough enough skin for blogging.

 I want this space to be a place for recipes, inspiration and meal plans and a place where I can work through all of the tough/happy/fun/everyday life bits of raising a growing family.

 I am a sports marketer by trade but in 2015 I took my love of learning about all things nutrition and got my Nutritional Therapy Consultant certificate through the NTA and I am thrilled with it.  I hope one day to go and get my NTP certificate, but this works for now! 

 I adore meal and menu planning of all kinds, from everyday dinners, dinner parties to holidays

My weekly meal plan never gets executed as written – I typically forget to defrost something and we are left with breakfast for dinner or pasta!

Welcome along for the ride!