Meal Plan February 17-23

Getting back on track and keeping it simple this week. Full disclosure, I’m writing this on Thursday when half of the week is over already but we stuck to our plan pretty well this week!

Sunday- Roasted Chicken with broccoli and nutri fries

Monday- Adobo rubbed pork chops with sautéed cabbage and roasted butternut squash

Tuesday- Crock pot beef shoulder (basically pot roast) bow tie pasta and roasted broccoli

Wednesday - Leftovers

Thursday - Chicken noodle soup for the kids (made from chicken on Sunday), adults will have leftovers

Friday - Tacos made with leftover beef shoulder

Saturday - TBD if we will be home for dinner, but there are leftover pork chops I may heat up in some Soyaki Marinade with rice and roasted veggies

I am going to shop from my freezer for next weeks meals. I went to BJ’s this last week for groceries, hoping they will last 2 weeks with a little produce and cold cut refresh.

I am also planning on doing some bread baking for next week.

How did your week of meals look?

Meal Plan 1/24 - 1/30

Below is an outline of our weekly meal plan. For reference we are a family of five - 2 adults, 3 kids aged 6,3 and 9 months who is eating solids. I am currently doing my grocery shopping on Thursdays so most of our meal plans will run from Thursday to Tuesday. Wednesday nights will be a leftover night to reduce any food waste.

As these posts are shaped I’ll be adding grocery information and recipes. Also our breakfast and lunch strategies as well.

While I love to cook, I keep things simple. I do try to meal prep, or really ingredient prep, as much as I can to make weeknights easier. Simplicity also helps keep the tiny, opinionated, humans I am feeding happier.

After all of that, here is our first posted meal plan!

Thursday - Pizza out at a school function

Friday - Rotisserie Chicken and chopped veggie “snack plates”

Saturday - Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese and broccoli (I was out for the evening)

Sunday - Baked asian chicken with rice and broccoli

Monday- Roasted beef eye round, roasted butternut squash and green beans

Tuesday - Greek chicken and potatoes, with roasted brussels sprouts

Wednesday - Leftovers

Here’s to a good week!


Seems as good as a day as any to finally start the blog I have been thinking about for the last 2-7 years give or take.

 Welcome to anyone reading – this blog will probably take on a few iterations before settling on a final theme/content plan.

This seems fitting because being a little all over the place basically sums up my personality.  I am born in the Taurus Gemini cusp but definitely fall firmly in the Taurus side of the universe.  I am very opinionated but super emotional - hoping I have tough enough skin for blogging.

 I want this space to be a place for recipes, inspiration and meal plans and a place where I can work through all of the tough/happy/fun/everyday life bits of raising a growing family.

 I am a sports marketer by trade but in 2015 I took my love of learning about all things nutrition and got my Nutritional Therapy Consultant certificate through the NTA and I am thrilled with it.  I hope one day to go and get my NTP certificate, but this works for now! 

 I adore meal and menu planning of all kinds, from everyday dinners, dinner parties to holidays

My weekly meal plan never gets executed as written – I typically forget to defrost something and we are left with breakfast for dinner or pasta!

Welcome along for the ride!